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TeraXML Media Mining Solutions
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Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering for TV & Radio Broadcast News

Our Global Media Monitoring System allows you to automate the process of media monitoring and information collection from TV or Radio news broadcasts in several languages such as English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Greek and Chinese. Using innovative text mining and speech recognition technologies, it allows you find news stories of interest by searching for spoken words, speaker names or story topics.   More about this product >>

High-performance Enterprise Full-Text and XML Knowledge Retrieval Software

TeraXML Enterprise Search is a high-performance, scalable, XML and Full-Text search software designed to meet the increasingly demanding needs of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other large-scale, content-rich enterprises.

It is ideal for indexing large collections of multilingual, multi-format documents stored in a variety of repositories across the enterprise. A 64-bit, cross-platform architecture with parallel indexing and distributed search capabilities enables you to deploy complex, challenging search applications.

Whether serving millions of Web searches per day or indexing gigabytes of documents on a worldwide corporate intranet, TeraXML Enterprise Search easily delivers leading edge performance, low administrative overhead, rock-solid reliability, ease-of-use, and a superior end-user experience.   More about this product >>

Multilingual Language Analysis and Named Entity Detection

Our TeraXML Language Analyzer product identifies Named Entities (names of people, places and organizations) or other patterns in unstructured text enabling you to discover relationships and other useful knowledge hidden in vast amounts of unstructured data.   More about this product >>

Fast, Easy, Concurrent Production of CD-ROMs and Websites with Live Updates delivered via the Internet

The Docsan®CD Publisher empowers you to distribute your content to your users by publishing cross-platform, searchable CD-ROMs that require no installation and work directly from popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox. You can even choose to publish the entire CD-ROM as a web site without any additional effort.

CD-ROMs published by the Docsan® Publisher can optionally include our Live Update technology. This allows seamless updates to already published CD-ROMs via the Internet. Your end-users do not even know that the CD-ROM they are viewing is displaying updated documents directly from your web servers!

The Docsan® Publisher includes the TeraXML search engine to provide fast full-text and parametric search capabilities to your published CD-ROMs so that your customers can easily find the information they are looking for.   More about this product >>

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