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Doclinx recognizes that an effective large-scale Knowledge Retrieval Solution is unique to an enterprise and doesn't come out of a box. That's why we offer a variety of professional services to enable you to implement an effective solution using our technology.

Our consulting services will help you not only to customize Doclinx solutions around your business needs, but also to integrate the solutions with your products and/or your corporate infrastructure.

We also realize that it is not enough to simply implement a solution. The solution must meet the current and future operational requirements of your business. Doclinx offers a full range of technical and operational support options from telephone support to 24-hour on-call dedicated support, all designed to ensure that you stay up and in business.

Consulting Services

An effective large-scale knowledge retrieval solution requires careful planning and a detailed understanding of not only the requirements but of the capabilities of the software components being deployed.

We have many years of experience in the field of knowledge retrieval and are experts in the areas of information search and retrieval, indexing, document architecture, DTD design, scalable web applications and CD-ROM delivery technology.

Doclinx's consulting team can perform a comprehensive requirements analysis and propose a design of a knowledge retrieval system based on those requirements. We will assist with implementation and system rollout such that you will have an effective solution that best fits into your corporate infrastructure and works effectively in ways that are best for your organization to fulfill your business goals. Your organization benefits from an end-to-end solution without expending valuable time and resources.

Our expert team of professionals is experienced in all aspects of knowledge retrieval. We provide expertise in the areas of Knowledge Retrieval such as indexing, retrieval, classification, summarization and natural language processing. Our consultants can advise you in the areas of data modeling, XML schema design, query and index design, collection architecture, background collection building, and updating and overall system performance and maintenance.


  • Doclinx provides you with quick integration into your product or application thereby reducing your time-to-market.
  • We get you up and running quickly and provide a transfer of knowledge for maintaining and further enhancing the installation.
  • We can optionally build pilots or proof-of-concept installations that allow you to test performance and scalability of your products before a large project is undertaken.
  • We also work with your employees providing tight product integration and knowledge transfer offering and offer Project Management as needed.
  • We will also perform custom software to development allowing you to build you a complete product or application from start to finish or provide additional resources to need critical deadlines.


Doclinx provides training services to enable your personnel to effectively implement and use Doclinx's products within your organization.

We will also train your personnel in programming with our SDK's to enable you to leverage your in-house staff for software development.

Technical and Operational Support

Doclinx offers several technical and operational support options. Often, our team is uniquely qualified to assist your personnel in operational and maintenance issues. We can provide 24-hour, 365-days a year on-call support for your critical applications.


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