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Why Doclinx?

If you ask our customers why they love Doclinx, they might tell you that it's because the e-business applications we produced for them work reliably, 24-hours a day producing sales and profits for them without hassles.

If you pushed them for a little bit more information, they might say that we delivered their e-business and e-publishing applications on-time and on-budget.

They might add that our 24/7 support is provided by the engineers who developed the code and not by some recent computer science graduate.

And they might also mention that we share the risk with them by reducing our up-front development costs in exchange for future royalties.

And each of of these things is a big thing if you have 1,000 customers on line who have paid $20,000 each to access the data necessary to bid on a multi-million dollar construction project.


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